Our Admissions Process

The first step is calling our Admissions Directors. Let us guide you through our straightforward process. It is natural to feel overwhelmed, but the entire process can be completed today; resulting in a scheduled admission.

We have a history of successfully working with a variety of private insurance plans. Our team can verify your coverage quickly. Call us –everything discussed during the admissions process, including your insurance verification, is kept completely confidential.

We offer complimentary transportation from the airport to our facilities and at-home pick up for our local clients. The personal care you will experience from our Admissions Directors will carry throughout every interaction with the Shadow Mountain Recovery team. Making the decision to get help is important. Being treated with respect for making that decision is even more so.

Life happens 7 days a week. We’re here 7 days a week. You’ve made the decision to get help. Reach out to a team that cares.

Reaching out is the hardest part, but let’s move into the solution. Together.