University Park Behavioral Health is dedicated to delivering solutions that improve
the quality of life for our clients and their families. We are a behavioral healthcare
and medical services company. We offer medical detox services for prescription
pill dependency, detox services for addiction and alcoholism, short term residential
assessment, coed and gender specific residential treatment programs for adults in
mountain and ranch style locations. Our programs are individualized, medically and
therapeutically appropriate, licensed, and nationally accredited. We provide safe,
effective solutions for those struggling with, and questions about, prescription pill
dependence and substance abuse; with and without co-occurring mental health needs.
• Medical Detox locations
• Prescription Pill Dependency Detox Programs
• 2-week, stand-alone Residential Assessment Programs
• 12-Step, gender-specific residential treatment locations
• Non-12-Step residential treatment, coed facility
Our team of professionals evaluates clients’ individual needs and
recommends appropriate treatment plans while facilitating program
selection and aftercare decisions.
Impactful interaction with our clients and their families is at the core of everything we do.
We work hard to provide individualized, medically and therapeutically appropriate care
throughout our programs.